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Rock 2020! Planning Your Work, Working Your Plan.

Dec 11, 2019

One of the big differences between successful real estate pros and those that are struggling? Planning.
Real estate careers are like any other small business and are presented with the same challenges. Planning is critical to a winning year. 2020 will be one of those years where the challenge of capturing and converting leads will present new opportunities for forward thinking real estate pros. Marketing technology like your IDX presence is at the core of that process

Rock 2020 IDX Yearly Real Estate Planning

This webinar is a review of tried and true planning suggestions that covers
• The biggest mistakes small business owners make when planning
• Relating planning to your IDX website and online marketing strategy
• The challenges that FBS’s Products can help address
• How to get help from our IDX specialists

Here are some links referenced in the webinar:
IDX Resources
City Data
Tech Tool Test
Content Marketing Institute:
Wendy Forsythe: Back of the Napkin Planning:

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