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Spring IDX Agent and Hyperlocal Neighborhood Pages

Nov 8, 2019

Prospective buyers and sellers want to know what you know about neighbhorhoods.

How important is it? 78% of buyers in a NAR study said that the quality of the neighborhood was more important than the size of the house.

Your unique knowledge of the areas you serve set you apart from your competitors and portal sites.
In addition to providing your knowledge of the neighborhoods you serve, you can take it to the next level by adding a link to the LIVE listings available in that neighborhood using your new Spring IDX Agent website.
It’s easy to do in a few simple steps, check it out in our Spring IDX Agent Tips & Tricks section in our resource center. 

The best way to see examples of how easy it is to create neighborhood content is to get a live demo from one of our IDX specialists. Each of them have awesome live demonstrations of hyperlocal saved search and they can show you how fast, smart, and easy it is to do it all on your own.
Let’s make this Fast, Smart, and Easy.  Get a demo from one of our IDX specialists now.
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